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We can buy scrap or used cars from the whole Birmingham area, including:

According to Car Magazine its estimated that over a million cars get crushed in the UK each year.

Did you know that it is illegal – in England and Wales – for anybody to pay you cash for your scrap car under the Scrap Metal Dealer Act 2013. It has to be a bank transfer or via PayPal.

We only give your cash VIA either Paypal or bank transfer

If you’ve owned your car a little while, maybe you’ve had a few issues with it. Deciding whether you should continue fixing your current car or purchase a brand new car can be a difficult decision to make.

There’s much to consider. Generally, the most important factor will be the cost implications, both short term, and long term. However, the worry of a constant need to repair, plus the effect your vehicle will have on the environment can be hugely important too, as it is for us.

The Impact on Your Bank Balance

The most significant consideration for the majority of people is the monetary cost of repairing a vehicle, especially if issues are occurring with increasing frequency. Another issue many people encounter, especially with older or more unique makes and models is the difficulty finding replacement parts.

Here at Birmingham Autobreak Recycling, we have new and used parts available for many makes and models. So, if you’re looking to repair your current car, we should be able to help you find what you need. Our car part sales team is easily reachable on 0121 3333381, please do give us a call.

Which is Better for the Environment?

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts their day to day decisions have on the environment. If you’re someone who is keen to minimise any negative impact your lifestyle is having on the environment, then it can be hard to know which are the best behaviours to employ.

Most people would assume that buying a new car would be the most eco-friendly move. But, is it?

Newer models will be more efficient and produce fewer emissions. However, the manufacturing and transportation of new cars can have a huge environmental impact, so it isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. When you also consider that even electric cars, with a need to recharge their battery, are likely to have a negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, for some people, it may actually be more eco-friendly to keep the car that you have. However, should you decide that the best option for you is to purchase a new car, Birmingham Autobreak Recycling is here to help. We pride ourselves on giving our customers high prices for their car, ensuring you get the price you deserve.

If your car is currently out of action, not to worry. We offer a free collection service for vehicles which aren’t currently running and is situated within 20 miles of our scrap yard in Aston, Birmingham.

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Although you may have heard of a scrap yard, you might be uncertain or even surprised at what services they can offer for you. They've been around for decades and the premise is simple: a scrap yard is essentially a place of business that’s main priority involves taking old, used, or unwanted scrap material with the intention of recycling it. If you are unsure of the process of disposing of scrap metal, or what kind of solutions your scrapyard can provide, read on.

Scrap metal recycling is a huge business. In the UK alone, 12 megatons of scrap metal are recycled every year, providing an employment rate of 15 thousand in the scrap metal industry. It's not only a convenient way to make a little extra money, but the recycling process is beneficial to the environment and also sustainable, with 60% of copper produced since the 1900’s still in use. The metal recycling industry is a significant net contributor to UK balance of trade and also supplies a higher amount than any other sector for ‘end of life targets’ in the UK. This includes vehicles, batteries, and electronic equipment.

In brief, the UK scrap recycling industry is protecting the environment as well as supplying a huge workforce of around 10,000 people. Almost all metals have the scope to be recycled and new quality metals created. Reused scrap metals are often referred to as secondary raw materials, ensuring that precious natural resources are not unnecessarily used to create new metal compounds. The fact that you can recycle your scrap is a huge benefit in the sense that taking it to landfill means it is of no use to anyone. In total, scrap metal recycling yards and recycling centers divert 145 million tons from going to landfill.

The scrap metal recycling process

The process of recycling scrap metal involves several phases. Metal is placed into two categories, ferrous and non-ferrous. The former is a combination of iron and carbon. Some of the most commonly used ferrous metals include carbon steel, alloy, wrought iron and cast iron. Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, zinc and tin. The first step in this process is collecting the scrap metal. The metal items are processed into various categories and transported for sorting. The next phase includes crushing and shredding into compactors - this can be handled easier on the conveyor belt system. A hammer mill will then shred the metal into small pieces, around the size of your hand.

A separation process then takes place which involves shredding the metal and placing it into magnetic drums that separate ferocious and non ferocious metals. The non-metallic materials such as paint or plastic are decreased by a process of blowing hot air through the shredded metal sucking up the impurities through a vacuum. The next step is to melt the various metals in a large furnace. The furnace will have a fuel-efficient regenerative burner to reduce the levels of energy burnt. The furnace is equipped with jet stirrers that ensure there is an even temperature by circulating the metal inside the furnace. This creates a stronger quality end product. While in a molten state, the metals are poured into moulds, depending on the metal, and cooled. Regardless of the energy costs involved in scrap metal recycling, the energy used is much less, compared to creating new raw material.

What is involved in scrap car collection?

Unfortunately, in some cases, getting your car fixed can cost more than its actually worth. At which point, the decision is made to say goodbye. Most components of a vehicle can be reused in some capacity. EU legislation requires that 95% of scrap cars are recycled, so it's no wonder that many people are choosing to recycle their old cars. You may have found yourself wondering, how should I scrap my car for cash? There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding scrap metal, although it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) are the only facilities which are legally able to to dispose of scrap cars as they are able to deal with hazardous parts like oil and batteries. Only take your car to a facility that has the Certificate of Destruction (COD). Recycling your car anywhere else can qualify as a criminal offence. The next step is to find your V5 ownership document, and pass it on to the relevant section of the DVLA which will be a confirmation that you are no longer liable for the vehicle. The scrap yard will then be able to send you a Certificate of Destruction and inform the DVLA that you don’t legally own the car anymore.

Finding a reliable scrap yard near me

As previously highlighted, it's certainly not advisable to sell your used car to anyone without the necessary licensing - just because a facility may claim to take scrap, doesn’t mean that they are legally able to do so. Not only are you following appropriate legal measures, but you are also much more likely to get a better price from a registered dealer, not to mention a better quality service. Without doubt, the best way of ensuring that you are selling your scrap in a legitimate fashion, and for the best price, is to find a reputable and fully licensed scrap yard that’s local to you. Some scrap metal facilities will require you to take the vehicle down to the facility yourself, others offer a scrap collection pick-up service. If you are uncertain of the process involved in scrapping your car for cash, It's also important to consider that you can’t physically accept cash for the vehicle. In accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, its against the law to pay cash for scrap. Taking a cheque is pretty commonplace now, as is receiving an electronic payment directly into your bank account - for added convenience! Without doubt, the best way of ensuring that you are selling your scrap legitimately, and for the best price, is to find a reputable and fully licensed scrap yard local to you. Some scrap metal facilities will require you to take the vehicle down to the facility yourself, others offer a scrap collection pick-up service.

What do I need to bring with me?

In the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, it specifies that all buyers of scrap metal, including mobile dealers, must request a copy of your photographic ID that includes proof of your address, which also must be dated within three months. For most people a valid UK driving licence is probably the best option, but other acceptable options include:

●    Valid UK passport

●    Valid EEA passport

●    Valid UK biometric immigration document

●    Valid EU National ID card

If the documentation does not contain a current address, it must be accompanied by a piece of documentation that does. This can include:

●    Bank or building society statement

●    Credit or debit card statement

●    Mortgage statement

●    Council tax demand letter or statement

●    Council rent book/Benefit book

●    Council/Housing Association agreement

●    HMRC correspondence

At Birmingham Autobreak, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it’s vehicle collection, breaking vehicles, or scrapping cars. We aim to provide a range of solutions at our scrap metal yard in Birmingham.As part of our recycling facility, we buy a range of scrap metal from cars in Birmingham. We pay beyond average prices for an assortment of vehicle parts. We also accept parts from all types of vehicles, so regardless of the model of your car you can always consider getting some quick cash in exchange for your old car or car parts.

While there are a few options when it comes to selling your scrap metal, the team here at Birmingham Autobreak have extensive experience in the industry, so you can guarantee that we understand the fundamentals of dealing with scrap metal. We pride ourselves on a quality service to make sure our customers have the best possible experience. When you come to Birmingham Autobreak, we also provide a range of payment options, including bank transfer, cheque and PayPal, for your added convenience. So if you are looking for a friendly and reliable scrap yard, get in touch with us today.

Buying used car parts is a cheap alternative to buying parts from a dealer. However, when buying parts that you’re going to reuse for another car, there are some things you should consider before doing so. Read on to find out more.

Make Sure You Know What You’re Looking For

The last thing you want when visiting a scrap yard is to not be 100% sure what you need. You could end up spending hours and hours sifting through the inventory and end up with something not quite right. With that in mind, it’s always worth knowing exactly what you need, right down to the registration number of the car you’re using the part for. It’s a good idea to bring the old part with you so you can match it exactly.

Find Out The What The History of The Part In Question Is

Before buying anything, it’s imperative to know exactly where it’s been. If a part has been in a major accident, then it might not be worth the purchase and might only be in working order for a few further miles. It’s important to find out the age of the part, the mileage and if it’s being sold as used or repaired. If it’s been repaired, double check how damaged it was before the repair.

Look For Matches

If the part you’re looking for is an external piece, then it’s especially important to look for an accurate match. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money on painting the used part. If there is no way of finding a matching colour, then you might have to settle for something different, but it’s definitely worth spending a bit more time whilst you’re there on the search.

Buy Your Spare Parts from Birmingham Autobreak Recycling

If you’re in the Birmingham area and looking for spare car parts, look no further than Birmingham Autobreak Recycling. We also offer a free collection service so, if you’re looking to recycle a car, there’s little else you need to worry about. To find out more, contact us. We’re located at 3-5 William, Henry Street, Birmingham, B7 5ER

The sad truth is that cars are not made to last forever. Virtually everyone buys a car that they hate to trade or scrap, but it happens. The goal of owning and driving a car is to have reliable transportation, especially when no other form of transportation is available.

If you own a car that has let you down too many times by breaking down or requiring more repairs than it is worth, it could be time to consider scrap car removal services. It is better for the environment to scrap your car knowing that it will be recycled into something new someday.

Before you consider scrapping your car, make sure your car is not a classic or rare vehicle. Scrapping something as valuable as a rare or classic car is not beneficial when you can sell it for a large profit.

There are guidelines and rules to follow when scrapping your old car. Be sure to read this in its entirety to ensure you get the full picture. If you are unsure about a step or a process for selling your car to a scrapyard, ask a professional in the industry.

Why should I scrap my car?

Just because your vehicle is not a rare or classic car does not mean you should just give it away. You can get cash for scrap cars regardless of their condition as long as they are not stripped in most cases. Most scrap cars will go into the car crusher, so why not get something out of it? You should scrap your car because it is the right thing to do for the environment and for your pocketbook.

Just make sure the car scrap yard you choose participates in honest and ethical business practices of recycling to ensure environmentally friendly car scrapping. Birmingham AutoBreak Re-Cycling is dedicated to honest and ethical business practices.

Where do you take your scrap car?

You will take your car to a vehicle recycler in your local area to scrap your car. Vehicle recyclers in the Birmingham area will gladly take your old car off your hands and recycle it for you. You can get some cash out of it to help pay some bills or to use to buy another car. When choosing a car scrap yard, make sure they have the proper licensing and credentials.

Only use an authorized scrapyard or ATF that is licensed by the Environment Agency to take your scrap car. Ask if they are licensed because it is illegal to take your car to a facility that is not authorised or licensed. It is actually a criminal offence that is not worth the trouble. Birmingham AutoBreak Re-Cycling has the proper credentials to handle the process of scrapping cars.

Do you need any paperwork?

Like any transaction, there is paperwork involved and it is important to get it right. For instance, once you scrap a car, notify the DVLA that you are no longer accountable for that car. Keep your yellow slip (V5C/3) from the V5C and make sure to get your receipt from the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

A V5C (vehicle logbook) document needs to be filled out and exchanged for a CoD. You cannot scrap your car without this document. This will also go to the DVLA so you can receive any refunds due to you for unused road tax. You need the appropriate paperwork for that step, and it will be emailed or posted to you within a week.

If you fail to inform the DVLA that you have scrapped your car you could be fined £1,000.

Do not forget to inform your auto insurance provider as you may have a refund on your policy, and you do not want to maintain cover on a car you no longer own.

Does your car need to be completely intact to scrap it?

You can take your old car in when it is deemed mechanically unsound by your mechanic, or you can get a little extra out of it by selling certain parts to the scrap yard. You cannot scrap a working vehicle.

Before you start dismantling your old car, keep in mind this is a difficult undertaking unless you are a mechanic or have experience taking cars apart. Most scrap yards will not accept a stripped car, so consider that factor as well.

Whatever you do, make sure it is legal, honest, and ethical to prevent problems.

How do you make cash scrapping your car?

A few years ago, you could not make money from scrap car buyers. You usually had to pay someone to come take it away. Nowadays it is against the law for scrap car dealers to accept money for vehicles thanks to the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act of October 2013.

Scrap metal values have risen and that will be to your advantage. Keep your eyes out for scrap metal values to ensure you get the most for your car.

Some people remove parts and sell them to scrapyards, but it is best to take in the old car to scrap. Copper wiring is one of the most common pieces of scrap taken out of old cars and sold to scrap car buyers.

You cannot drive a car that is no longer mechanically sound. You also cannot honestly sell it. It is easier and better to scrap it and be done with it. Depending on where you live, there could be regulations about keeping a car around that is mechanically unsound.

How much you get for selling your car for scrap depends on several factors mostly set by the scrap car buyer. You can also call or request an online quote from an authorised scrap metal car buyer before you drag it to them or have them pick it up.

A car scrapping dealer that provides multiple ways to issue your money makes the transaction flow better and faster. Some of the ways you can get paid may include PayPal, cheque, or bank transfer.

Same-day car collection is another earmark of a quality scrap car collection service, so you will not have to wait to get rid of your old car.

Should you be aware of scammers?

Everyone knows that scammers do their business in virtually every industry. The car scrap industry is no exception. You do need to be aware of those companies that partake in unscrupulous business practices.

While their websites may appear legitimate, but buzz words like Certificates of Collection or Destruction Certificates can be mistaken for a CoD (Certification of Destruction). Watch for links on the website that do not work or that offer unusually higher cash offers for scrap cars as these are clues that they are not legitimate. Watch out for scammers.


Scrapping your car is generally a simple task that does not take much of your time. Remember to choose an authorised car scrap yard or the ATF to avoid legal troubles. These are the main takeaways for taking an old car to scrap.

Birmingham Auto-Break Recycling offers same day car scrapping services in and around Birmingham. The free collection service makes it easy to recycle your old, unwanted car. They accept written off, MOT failures, and damaged cars and provide competitive compensation for them. As a local authority approved vehicle centre, they help you with the process, paperwork, and issue the appropriate certificates.

Here at Birmingham Auto-Break Recycling, we ensure you get fair compensation for your old vehicle. We safely dispose of your vehicle and ensure that 85% of the parts are recycled. You can rest assured that our process is environmentally friendly. Feel free to book your vehicle collection today and scrap your car the right way.

Saying goodbye to a vehicle you might’ve owned for years can be tricky, and deciding where it should go next is difficult if there are many issues with the functionality of the vehicle.

Of course, there are benefits to both selling and scrapping. Here’s some information to help you decide on what might be best for you:


When it comes to selling your car, of course, the main thought you might have is ‘How much will I get for it?’. Selling a car purely depends on the amount of money a buyer is willing to pay.

There are many online platforms on which you can sell your car for free these days, so if the car has mechanical issues, you’re probably better off using a free website or online auction site rather than paying someone to sell it for you and ultimately eating into your profits. It’s good to be upfront and honest about the car, especially when it comes to mileage and repair history.

Bear in mind that selling takes a lot of time and effort. If your vehicle needs substantial work done to it or hasn’t passed its MOT it might take longer to sell.

Be aware that some buyers will also try and negotiate, so what you might have in mind for your vehicle might not be what buyers are necessarily willing to spend.


It can be tricky to sell a car if it is deemed unroadworthy or if it has mechanical issues preventing it from running before being seen by a professional.

Having the vehicle scrapped ultimately takes the responsibility off your hands. Perhaps your car has been sat on the road or on a driveway while you debate what to do with it? Perhaps you’ve spent weeks trying to sell it?

A reliable scrapping company takes the responsibility and stress of selling your vehicle away.

Scrapping is also a good way to turn your disused vehicle into easy cash. Most scrap yards will offer you a very reasonable price, and will also pick it up from you.

With a reliable car recycling company, you can rest assured that your car is disposed of in an efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

Birmingham Auto-Break Recycling: Same Day car scrapping services in Birmingham 

Here at Birmingham Auto-Break Recycling, we help ensure that you get fair compensation for your vehicle. We not only safely dispose of your vehicle, we ensure that 85% of its parts are recycled; so you can be sure that the process is completed in an environmentally friendly manner. Book your vehicle collection today.

It can be a sad realisation when you’re told you’re better off scrapping your beloved car, particularly if you’ve owned it for many years. You might have many memories of road-tripping or travelling abroad in it, or relied on it as a trustworthy commuter vehicle. Sadly, the time often comes when it’s better to admit defeat and have your car scrapped, so that its parts can be reused.

If you’re struggling to decide between selling it on, keeping it parked in the garage or getting it scrapped, here are a few signs that might make the decision easier:

1. You’re spending more money on it than the car is worth

Over time vehicles devalue. Your car might have had a fantastic fifteen, twenty or more years on the road but perhaps you find that lately you’re running back and forth to a car garage to get parts fixed every few months. Perhaps its MOT has failed repeatedly, making it illegal to drive and costing money for more repairs.

The truth is you might be spending more money on getting parts serviced than what the car is worth. If the cost of repair is significantly more than the cost of your vehicle at resale value, consider scrapping.

You might be able to find another, better functioning vehicle for the price you would’ve paid for the repair.

2. You’re worried when you take long-distance journeys

An unreliable vehicle can be dangerous, especially if you’re travelling long distances. Safety comes first and if you’re constantly anxious that your car won’t make it from A to B, it’s time to have a think about how well it’s performing and if the money you’re spending on insurance, repairs and fuel costs is really worth it.

3. It’s been parked up for too long

Has your old or broken vehicle been sat in the driveway or on a road for months on end while you decide what to do with it? Cars which are accumulating rust are simply an expense, costing you tax and insurance whilst simply sitting there.

4. Your engine light is constantly on

If you’re finding that the engine light never disappears, it might be time to get your car scrapped. Engine lights are a sign of a fault in the engine and repairs can often be costly. If you’re selling your vehicle on, buyers might ask for answers as to why it is. Get it checked over by a mechanic before making a decision.

5. You can’t find a buyer

You might have had your vehicle up for sale for many months, but are yet to get it sold.

Issues with the car’s performance and rust corrosion might be off putting to buyers. Rust can significantly impact the performance of a vehicle and therefore its ability to function smoothly.

If your car is taking months to sell, it might be time to think about getting it scrapped.

Have you got a vehicle that needs scrapping?

As a leading car scrap yard in Birmingham, we at Birmingham Autobreak can help you get the most money for your old, broken or damaged car. 85% of your old vehicle will get recycled, making our service both environmentally friendly and safe.

Book your vehicle collection today by contacting us.

Whether your car has become defunct, or it simply isn’t running like it used to, the decision to take it to the scrapyard can sometimes be a difficult one. Most cars last for approximately 11 years before they are no longer safe on the road, so it’s natural for us to form an attachment to them during such a significant period of time. Also, if you own a vehicle that has pulled through many faults in its later years, the prospect of giving up on it can seem unimaginable. However, it’s important to look at the bigger picture: scrapping your substandard vehicle can make you money and is also a very environmentally friendly method of disposal.

At Birmingham Autobreak Recycling, we pride ourselves on our car scrapping expertise and we truly go above and beyond the call of duty. We supply a collection service for cars that are no longer fit for purpose so if you can’t get your vehicle to our yard, we can come to you. We also sell a wide range of second hand car parts from engines and batteries to gearboxes and tyres. With this in mind, you can rest assured that when you scrap your vehicle with us, we will recycle it wherever possible.

Above everything else, when you’re taking your beloved banger to be discarded you want to be sure it’s being left in the hands of a reputable and professional company. There are many laws surrounding the recycling of vehicles that a scrapyard must adhere to in order to stay in the business. It’s also a good idea to shop around before you invest in a service to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible and not being underpaid. There are many things to consider before taking your vehicle to be scrapped, however once you find the right service for you, there are plenty of benefits to be had. Below are just a few of the advantages of taking your vehicle to a car breakers.

Receive cash for cars: a brief breakdown of scrap car prices

Arguably the most important way in which you profit from scrapping your old car is the payment you receive for it. When you offer a vehicle to be scrapped, the auto salvage yard will buy it off you for a carefully considered price. The amount you receive is likely to be dependent on the condition of your vehicle, however it can also be at the discretion of the company you’re using. With this in mind, it’s important to shop around to make sure you’re not underselling your vehicle. At Birmingham Autobreak, we have the industry knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you’re receiving the best deal possible.

Many car recycling businesses also offer quotes for how much they’re willing to pay for your scrap. Again, this allows you make a well informed decision about which service is going to be the most profitable for you.

Maintaining a vehicle that’s rapidly falling apart can be extremely expensive over a long period of time, so why not sell your car for scrap? The money you make can then be invested in a brand new (or second hand) roadworthy vehicle, ensuring you never have to panic when out on the open road.

Do right by the environment

It’s hard to believe that disposing of large metal machines could ever be associated with environmental friendliness, however there are strict laws in place to minimise the impact that car breakers have on the planet.

At Birmingham Autobreak, we are usually able to recycle about 85% of a vehicle and this is common among most car breakers. Fully functioning aspects of the vehicle such as tyres or gearboxes will be sold on whilst certain bits of metal can be melted down and re-used. Other recyclable car parts include:

Fluids: once the various fluids are drained from a vehicle, they will be filtered so that they are fit to be recycled. Antifreeze can be resold and oil can be used as fuel for heating.

Glass: the glass from car windows and windscreens will be extracted whole where possible and can be re-used for items such as wine glasses and other glass products.

Remaining scrap metal: metal recycling is extremely important as this is what makes up most of a vehicle’s body. Many countries such as China and Canada import scrap metal to use for the construction of buildings.

Collection services for defunct vehicles

If you’ve got a vehicle that’s no longer functioning, you may be wondering how you’re going to transport it to your local car breaker to be scrapped. Many auto salvage businesses will offer to come and collect your vehicle from your property at a time that suits you. Taking your car to be scrapped can be a stressful experience which is why scrap specialists try to make it as easy and convenient as possible.

At Birmingham Autobreak, we can collect vehicles from anywhere within a 20 mile radius of our base and we will complete same day collections where possible. Far from simply disposing of your vehicle, car breakers are committed to assisting you through all stages of the scrapping process, ensuring you’re completely happy with the service from beginning to end.

To find out more about our collection service, visit our website for a detailed breakdown of what we offer. With our team of experts on hand to come and collect your vehicle, you’ll find you barely have to lift a finger!

Additional services

In an industry that’s reasonably competitive, many vehicle recycling specialists strive to offer additional services to make their business stand out. Also, just because your car isn’t ready to be scrapped, that doesn’t mean a car breakers can’t be of assistance. Below are just a few alternative ways in which a scrapyard could be useful to you.

Car parts

If you’ve got a car that’s in need of some replacement parts, a car salvage yard is the perfect place to go. Some aspects of a car can be extremely costly to replace, which is why scrapyards often sell second hand items at a much more affordable price. You may think that purchasing second hand parts is a risky decision, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Birmingham Autobreak, we test all our products before we put them on sale to ensure they are in good condition and fit for purpose.


Buying used tyres from a car scrapyard near you could save you a lot of money as they’re usually sold for a fraction of the price of brand new tyres. Again, it may seem like a gamble to purchase already used car parts but if tyres aren’t safe to be on the road, they simply won’t be sold. We thoroughly check and test all our used tyres before selling them on to make sure they are in good shape. Many businesses will also offer to fit your new tyres for you, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Vehicle recovery service 

We work in partnership with Euro 24 Hr Recovery so that if you break down, we can help you get back up and running in no time. It’s worth finding a business that you can trust with a whole host of different services so that whatever the situation, you know your vehicle is in capable hands.

Birmingham Autobreak Recycling: a reliable and professional car breakers near you

Do you want to support a local business that makes a difference? Here at Birmingham Autobreak, we aim to minimise the impact our work has on the environment in any way we can. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are always striving to provide the best deal possible when it comes to scrapping vehicles. Our personalised and diligent service is second to none to ensure that after the first visit, you’re bound to return for all future car related requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about the services we have on offer, contact us today. Our team will be able to answer any of your queries and we can also provide a quote for scrapping your vehicle.

As a nation, our motivation to recycle has increased a lot recently, particularly with the UN’s recent warning on climate change. At Birmingham Autobreak Recycling, we promote recycling, particularly when it comes to vehicles and car parts. So why not consider improving your carbon footprint in a more creative way and upcycle your useless car parts, transforming them into items for the home? Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Suspension pieces

One of the most popular ideas for upcycling an old suspension piece is to transform it into a lamp. Clean and polish it up, then use the suspension pieces to create the base and stem of the lamp, screw a bulb on top and simply buy the right sized lamp shade to fit. Voilà, you’ve got a new, unique source of light!

Old wheels and tyres

Old wheels or tyres are one of the most popular upcycled vehicle parts because of their versatility. The most popular uses are for garden and exterior features including a hose reel and a patio table and chairs. Give it a lick of paint and shine, or add a wooden or glass countertop to create a whole new look to your garden.

Engine block

A vehicle may need an engine to run it, but if it packs in, how about using it around the home? The most common way of upcycling an old engine block is to turn it into a wine rack to hold your luxury drinks for everyday use or when you have guests. Alternatively, your old engine block could be used as a coffee table base. It’s even been known to turn an engine into a coffee machine too! But that requires some serious creative design work.

License plates

Expired license plates are an inventive way to spruce up the home. Hanging them creatively on your wall could make great conversation starters, particularly if they’re quite unique or have a story behind them. Or they can be easily bent into a bowl to keep fruit, keys or trinkets in. Additionally, why not turn them into clipboards for work or the home?

Make an actual Transformer!

If you want something to really show off your upcycling skills and you’re a fan of the toys and films, then why not consider making your own mini Transformer out of multiple car parts? This will certainly be an eccentric addition to your home or garden!

Birmingham Autobreak Re-cycling - Used and Scrap Car Parts

After being named and shamed as one of the least environmentally friendly cities in the UK, we in Birmingham have a reputation to improve. Parting with a car can be a hard decision - your car was a financial investment but it might even have held sentimental value, being a good friend to you on your daily commute.


But if you have absolutely to part with it, why not consider upcycling the spare parts first or handing it over to a leading vehicle recycling service? At Birmingham Autobreak Re-cycling, we can fully recycle or scrap your car parts whilst trying to make you money from your old vehicle. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

When your car reaches the end of its life, whether it’s gradual or sudden, you have to make a decision about where it goes from that point. Often, immobile cars or vehicles in extreme disrepair find themselves tucked away somewhere on your property only to be forgotten about, and while this isn’t necessarily harmful, vehicles are certainly space takers, and they can ultimately be a blemish on your property.

Your local car scrap yard offers an extremely convenient solution to all of your end-of-life vehicles that makes it possible to avoid prolonged storage on your own property, as well as failed attempts at selling the vehicle to somebody else. Scrap facilities not only take your vehicle off of your hands, but they also recycle and reuse as much as possible, giving you some peace of mind, and also giving opportunities to those looking for affordable car parts.

Convenience in Car Scrapping

Once your vehicle is taken, it’s no longer your responsibility, but until that happens, your scrappers strive to make the experience as convenient as possible, which includes all of the following:

●      Free collection service

●      Fair quotes

●      Immediate payment

●      Same-day service

When you work through a reputable company, you can scrap cars for cash and rest assured knowing that you are getting the quickest payments of the fairest prices. Additionally, your scrappers will offer multiple payment methods, so you can select what works best for you.

For the ultimate convenience, collection services can be arranged at a time that works best for you, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum customer service.

Weight Off of Your Shoulders

Often, unusable vehicles can be a huge burden, especially if you have them sitting around your property. With a convenient scrap service, you can easily rid yourself of end-of-life or problem vehicles and get paid in the process. More importantly, you can have some peace of mind knowing that your scrap car is being handled using only the most environmentally responsible methods.

Buy Affordable Car Parts

On the flip side, those looking for inexpensive, but functional car parts can turn to their scrap yard for a huge selection of various parts that fit a variety of makes and models. When your scrappers receive an overall immobile vehicle, they salvage the valuable components and make them available to those in need, and this might include everything from brakes to entire engines.

For us, scrapping vehicles is smooth and efficient, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our service. If you have a vehicle that needs to go, you can give us all of the details, and we will quote you an excellent price. Otherwise, feel free to contact us for more scrapping information and part sales.

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