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Where Do You Take a Scrap Car?

Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 19/02/2019

The sad truth is that cars are not made to last forever. Virtually everyone buys a car that they hate to trade or scrap, but it happens. The goal of owning and driving a car is to have reliable transportation, especially when no other form of transportation is available.

If you own a car that has let you down too many times by breaking down or requiring more repairs than it is worth, it could be time to consider scrap car removal services. It is better for the environment to scrap your car knowing that it will be recycled into something new someday.

Before you consider scrapping your car, make sure your car is not a classic or rare vehicle. Scrapping something as valuable as a rare or classic car is not beneficial when you can sell it for a large profit.

There are guidelines and rules to follow when scrapping your old car. Be sure to read this in its entirety to ensure you get the full picture. If you are unsure about a step or a process for selling your car to a scrapyard, ask a professional in the industry.

Why should I scrap my car?

Just because your vehicle is not a rare or classic car does not mean you should just give it away. You can get cash for scrap cars regardless of their condition as long as they are not stripped in most cases. Most scrap cars will go into the car crusher, so why not get something out of it? You should scrap your car because it is the right thing to do for the environment and for your pocketbook.

Just make sure the car scrap yard you choose participates in honest and ethical business practices of recycling to ensure environmentally friendly car scrapping. Birmingham AutoBreak Re-Cycling is dedicated to honest and ethical business practices.

Where do you take your scrap car?

You will take your car to a vehicle recycler in your local area to scrap your car. Vehicle recyclers in the Birmingham area will gladly take your old car off your hands and recycle it for you. You can get some cash out of it to help pay some bills or to use to buy another car. When choosing a car scrap yard, make sure they have the proper licensing and credentials.

Only use an authorized scrapyard or ATF that is licensed by the Environment Agency to take your scrap car. Ask if they are licensed because it is illegal to take your car to a facility that is not authorised or licensed. It is actually a criminal offence that is not worth the trouble. Birmingham AutoBreak Re-Cycling has the proper credentials to handle the process of scrapping cars.

Do you need any paperwork?

Like any transaction, there is paperwork involved and it is important to get it right. For instance, once you scrap a car, notify the DVLA that you are no longer accountable for that car. Keep your yellow slip (V5C/3) from the V5C and make sure to get your receipt from the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

A V5C (vehicle logbook) document needs to be filled out and exchanged for a CoD. You cannot scrap your car without this document. This will also go to the DVLA so you can receive any refunds due to you for unused road tax. You need the appropriate paperwork for that step, and it will be emailed or posted to you within a week.

If you fail to inform the DVLA that you have scrapped your car you could be fined £1,000.

Do not forget to inform your auto insurance provider as you may have a refund on your policy, and you do not want to maintain cover on a car you no longer own.

Does your car need to be completely intact to scrap it?

You can take your old car in when it is deemed mechanically unsound by your mechanic, or you can get a little extra out of it by selling certain parts to the scrap yard. You cannot scrap a working vehicle.

Before you start dismantling your old car, keep in mind this is a difficult undertaking unless you are a mechanic or have experience taking cars apart. Most scrap yards will not accept a stripped car, so consider that factor as well.

Whatever you do, make sure it is legal, honest, and ethical to prevent problems.

How do you make cash scrapping your car?

A few years ago, you could not make money from scrap car buyers. You usually had to pay someone to come take it away. Nowadays it is against the law for scrap car dealers to accept money for vehicles thanks to the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act of October 2013.

Scrap metal values have risen and that will be to your advantage. Keep your eyes out for scrap metal values to ensure you get the most for your car.

Some people remove parts and sell them to scrapyards, but it is best to take in the old car to scrap. Copper wiring is one of the most common pieces of scrap taken out of old cars and sold to scrap car buyers.

You cannot drive a car that is no longer mechanically sound. You also cannot honestly sell it. It is easier and better to scrap it and be done with it. Depending on where you live, there could be regulations about keeping a car around that is mechanically unsound.

How much you get for selling your car for scrap depends on several factors mostly set by the scrap car buyer. You can also call or request an online quote from an authorised scrap metal car buyer before you drag it to them or have them pick it up.

A car scrapping dealer that provides multiple ways to issue your money makes the transaction flow better and faster. Some of the ways you can get paid may include PayPal, cheque, or bank transfer.

  • PayPal takes a few minutes to a few days depending on how yours is setup.
  • Cheques provided after the car is delivered take only a short time to availability.
  • Bank transfers commonly take only 1-3 hours.

Same-day car collection is another earmark of a quality scrap car collection service, so you will not have to wait to get rid of your old car.

Should you be aware of scammers?

Everyone knows that scammers do their business in virtually every industry. The car scrap industry is no exception. You do need to be aware of those companies that partake in unscrupulous business practices.

While their websites may appear legitimate, but buzz words like Certificates of Collection or Destruction Certificates can be mistaken for a CoD (Certification of Destruction). Watch for links on the website that do not work or that offer unusually higher cash offers for scrap cars as these are clues that they are not legitimate. Watch out for scammers.


Scrapping your car is generally a simple task that does not take much of your time. Remember to choose an authorised car scrap yard or the ATF to avoid legal troubles. These are the main takeaways for taking an old car to scrap.

  • Avoid scammers that will try to trick you into giving them your car for free.
  • Be sure to fill out your paperwork and ensure that it is sent to the appropriate authorities to avoid paying a fine.
  • Contact your auto insurer so you will not be responsible for insuring that car any more.
  • Unless you are adept at mechanical skills, avoid dismantling your old banger and just sell complete car since most scrap car removal services will not take a car that has been stripped.
  • Scrapping your car is an environmentally responsible thing to do, so be sure you deal with a responsible car scrap yard.
  • Look for a scrap car removal service that can make getting paid quick and easy.

Birmingham Auto-Break Recycling offers same day car scrapping services in and around Birmingham. The free collection service makes it easy to recycle your old, unwanted car. They accept written off, MOT failures, and damaged cars and provide competitive compensation for them. As a local authority approved vehicle centre, they help you with the process, paperwork, and issue the appropriate certificates.

Here at Birmingham Auto-Break Recycling, we ensure you get fair compensation for your old vehicle. We safely dispose of your vehicle and ensure that 85% of the parts are recycled. You can rest assured that our process is environmentally friendly. Feel free to book your vehicle collection today and scrap your car the right way.

Article Written By Birmingham Auto Break

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