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Top Creative Uses for Old Car Parts

Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 02/01/2019

As a nation, our motivation to recycle has increased a lot recently, particularly with the UN’s recent warning on climate change. At Birmingham Autobreak Recycling, we promote recycling, particularly when it comes to vehicles and car parts. So why not consider improving your carbon footprint in a more creative way and upcycle your useless old car parts, transforming them into items for the home? Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Suspension pieces

One of the most popular ideas for upcycling an old suspension piece is to transform it into a lamp. Clean and polish it up, then use the suspension pieces to create the base and stem of the lamp, screw a bulb on top and simply buy the right sized lamp shade to fit. Voilà, you’ve got a new, unique source of light!

Old wheels and tyres

Old wheels or tyres are one of the most popular upcycled vehicle parts because of their versatility. The most popular uses are for garden and exterior features including a hose reel and a patio table and chairs. Give it a lick of paint and shine, or add a wooden or glass countertop to create a whole new look to your garden using your old car parts.

Engine block

A vehicle may need an engine to run it, but if it packs in, how about using it around the home? The most common way of upcycling an old engine block is to turn it into a wine rack to hold your luxury drinks for everyday use or when you have guests. Alternatively, your old engine block could be used as a coffee table base. It’s even been known to turn an engine into a coffee machine too! But that requires some serious creative design work.

License plates

Expired license plates are an inventive way to spruce up the home. Hanging them creatively on your wall could make great conversation starters, particularly if they’re quite unique or have a story behind them. Or they can be easily bent into a bowl to keep fruit, keys or trinkets in. Additionally, why not turn them into clipboards for work or the home?

Make an actual Transformer!

If you want something to really show off your upcycling skills and you’re a fan of the toys and films, then why not consider making your own mini Transformer out of multiple car parts? This will certainly be an eccentric addition to your home or garden!

Birmingham Autobreak Re-cycling – Used and old Car Parts

After being named and shamed as one of the least environmentally friendly cities in the UK, we in Birmingham have a reputation to improve. Parting with a car can be a hard decision – your car was a financial investment but it might even have held sentimental value, being a good friend to you on your daily commute.

But if you have absolutely to part with it, why not consider upcycling the old car parts first or handing it over to a leading vehicle recycling service? At Birmingham Autobreak Re-cycling, we can fully recycle or scrap your car parts whilst trying to make you money from your old vehicle. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

Article Written By Birmingham Auto Break

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