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Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 05/03/2018

How to scrap your car in Birmingham.

When your car has come to the end of its life, it’s easy to think that it’s worth nothing, but every vehicle is worth something to a car scrap yard in Birmingham. So, how can you get the best value for your car, when it has paid its dues to you over the course of its life? Birmingham Auto Break are expert car breakers in Birmingham and have put together a list to ensure you get money in your pocket, even for your beaten up Beetle.

Here are 5 tips to scrap your car in Birmingham:

1. Keep all the parts

Removing any parts of your car, from the battery to the engine, will decrease the price you can get if you scrap your car in Birmingham. It makes sense that the more intact your car is, the more it is worth. Also, if some parts are removed, it can make it more difficult to move the car (how do you move a car without wheels?). Removing the engine can reduce the price you get for your car by up to GBP70! And if the car has no shell – it’s not worth anything.

2. The truth about log books

Some scrap companies require a log book when scrapping a car, but it’s an old fashioned practice and it’s no longer necessary. It is a company’s choice what cars they accept, but if you haven’t got yours, and they try to reduce the price they give you by GBP 25, then it’s a sham. The DVLA no longer need a log book for scrapped cars and all decent Birmingham scrap yards know this!

3. Research and get your car in early in the month

In order to remain competitive and to keep their commitments to customers, some car scrap yards in Birmingham reduce their prices at the end of the month. This is common practice when dealers are almost fully booked and it’s not a conspiracy of any kind. So, get in there early and you can get a competitive price for scrapping your car.

4. Find a scrap yard that will pick up your car

Sometimes, when your car has had its’ day, it may not start or you may not be able to legally drive it to any of the Birmingham scrap yards. Some scrap yards will charge you for picking it up or give you a reduced price for the parts, but Auto Break will pick up anywhere in a 20-mile radius. This is also a good option if you can’t face the emotional wrench of leaving your car at the scrap yard.

5. Choose a reputable breakers yard in Birmingham

You can search around to find a company that you trust who gives you a good price. Birmingham Auto Break has a great reputation and we are proud of the prices we give to customers. We’ll pick up your vehicle and make sure it gets disposed of in a way that is safe to the environment, and we’ll provide you with a DVLA certificate when it’s complete. Peace of mind and money in your pocket!

Get a quote to scrap your car for cash in Birmingham by calling us today on 0121 333 3366 or 0121 333 3381. You’ll find us at 3-5 William Henry Street, Birmingham, B7 5ER and we pick up anywhere within a 20-mile radius.

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