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Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 05/03/2018

Scrap your Car in Birmingham and save the environment.

These days we are more aware of the environment than we have ever been before. This is a positive thing, because in order for this planet of ours to be around for our children and grandchildren, we need to take good care of it in the here and now. Here at Birmingham Auto Break, we place the utmost importance on recycling and planetary awareness so we have a cleaner, safer future.

When dealing with car scrapping in Birmingham, there are many hazardous materials, which when leaked, can be dangerous to not only the health of our engineers, but also the environment. For that very reason, we regularly ensure that our properties and working practices do not allow for this to happen.

To become more environmentally aware, there are many ways that we can all help out in the battle to save the planet, and car scrapping is one of them. Do you have an old car that is not road-worthy anymore? If so, our car scrap yard Birmingham is the ideal destination for it!

Why Use Car Scrapping Birmingham?

We have already mentioned that vehicles have a lot of substances within them, which can cause environmental damage, but what about car production itself? When metal is mined from the earth, it damages our planet and puts strain on resources. The answer to that is of course to minimise the amount of mining that goes on, but where do we get the metal from to make new cars in that case?

We recycle old ones!

Our car scrap Birmingham services extract the metal from the body of the car and send it away for recycling, ensuring that a new car is created in its place. It’s not just metal that can be used again either, as plastic and glass from the old car can also be extracted and re-used. All of this basically means that there is no need to mine new materials.

When you use our breakers yard in Birmingham, you are of course also getting paid for your endeavours. This means you’re grabbing some cash and you’re doing your bit for the planet too – it’s win, win all around! You can also be assured that our facilities are regulated and checked to comply with industry and national standards. This means that concrete pads are in place to soak up any hazardous materials which leak out during the scrapping process, and that the environment around our scrap yard in Birmingham is not harmed in the slightest.

Looking to Scrap Your Car Birmingham?

If you’re looking to scrap your car in Birmingham then give us a call today on 0121 333 3366 or 0121 333 3381 and get a quote instantly. Our car breakers Birmingham services are high quality, environmentally focused and also very competitively priced too. We cover all legal aspects and ensure that you are paid accordingly for the car you are trusting to our possession.

Save the planet and get paid for the pleasure? Yes, please!

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