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5 signs you should consider scrapping your car

Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 15/01/2019

It can be a sad realisation when you’re told you’re better off scrapping your beloved car, particularly if you’ve owned it for many years. You might have many memories of road-tripping or travelling abroad in it, or relying on it as a trustworthy commuter vehicle. Sadly, the time often comes when it’s better to admit defeat and have your car scrapped, so that its parts can be reused.

If you’re struggling to decide between selling it on, keeping it parked in the garage or getting it scrapped, here are a few signs that might make the decision easier:

1. You’re spending more money on it than the car is worth

Over time vehicles devalue. Your car might have had a fantastic fifteen, twenty or more years on the road but perhaps you find that lately you’re running back and forth to a car garage to get parts fixed every few months. Perhaps its MOT has failed repeatedly, making it illegal to drive and costing money for more repairs.

The truth is you might be spending more money on getting parts serviced than what the car is worth. If the cost of repair is significantly more than the cost of your vehicle at resale value, consider scrapping.

You might be able to find another, better functioning vehicle for the price you would’ve paid for the repair.

2. You’re worried when you take long-distance journeys

An unreliable vehicle can be dangerous, especially if you’re travelling long distances. Safety comes first and if you’re constantly anxious that your car won’t make it from A to B, it’s time to have a think about how well it’s performing and if the money you’re spending on insurance, repairs and fuel costs is really worth it.

3. It’s been parked up for too long

Has your old or broken vehicle been sat in the driveway or on a road for months on end while you decide what to do with it? Cars which are accumulating rust are simply an expense, costing you tax and insurance whilst simply sitting there.

4. Your engine light is constantly on

If you’re finding that the engine light never disappears, it might be time to get your car scrapped. Engine lights are a sign of a fault in the engine and repairs can often be costly. If you’re selling your vehicle on, buyers might ask for answers as to why it is. Get it checked over by a mechanic before making a decision.

5. You can’t find a buyer

You might have had your vehicle up for sale for many months, but are yet to get it sold.

Issues with the car’s performance and rust corrosion might be off putting to buyers. Rust can significantly impact the performance of a vehicle and therefore its ability to function smoothly.

If your car is taking months to sell, it might be time to think about getting it scrapped.

Have you got a vehicle that needs scrapping?

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Article Written By Birmingham Auto Break

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