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5 Benefits of Car Scrapping in Birmingham

Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 12/11/2018

Recycling your old car brings with it a range of benefits that often makes it a far better option than trying to sell it privately or leaving it to sit unused on your driveway or in your garage.

As a leading car scrap yard in Birmingham, we offer facility for car scrapping in Birmingham, whether it is still driveable or otherwise, and in doing so make the process of getting rid of your old or broken car as easy as possible.

1.       Money for Car Scrapping in Birmingham

Such is the price of scrap metal in the UK it is possible for us to pay you for the collection and recycling of your scrap car in Birmingham. All you need to do is call us for a quotation and we can arrange to visit your premises on the same day to collect your vehicle.

Once in our possession and the necessary paperwork has been completed, we will then pay you the agreed amount by way of a cheque or bank transfer straight into your account of choice.

2.       Dispose of Unroadworthy Vehicles

If you’re the owner of a vehicle that has just failed its MOT with a long list of expensive to repair faults, you usually have a limited set of options. If the vehicle is relatively new and is still worth a fair amount of money, the best option will usually be to have the repair work carried out.

If the car is slightly older or worth very little in monetary terms, you can either sell it or recycle it instead. Selling cars is always a hassle so why not make use of our scrap yard in Birmingham to dispose of it?

3.       The Process is Legally Compliant and Straightforward

There is now legislation in place to ensure that old vehicles are disposed of responsibly. As an Authorised Treatment Facility and car breakers in Birmingham, we are able to recycle cars in a legally compliant manner, ensuring that your obligations under the law have been fulfilled.

We have full knowledge of the recycling process and can walk you through the steps and paperwork required, making the entire process stress free and straightforward.

4.       Environmentally Friendly Car Disposal

All cars contain a number of components which are harmful to the environment. This will typically include the engine oil, coolant, exhaust system as well as the tyres. Simply leaving these cars to perish in a field would be irresponsible, which is why we drain them of all their fluids and ensure that all of the hazardous parts are recycled or disposed of correctly when car scrapping in Birmingham.

5.       An Increased Supply of Used Parts

As a breakers yard in Birmingham, we carry a large number of used parts which are taken from recycled vehicles. The more vehicles we recycle, the greater the number of quality used parts in circulation at a great price for you and other customers to benefit from. As you can see there are many benefits to car scrapping in Birmingham.

Birmingham Autobreak: Helping You Scrap Your Car in Birmingham

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Article Written By Birmingham Auto Break

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