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Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 02/07/2018

More and more of us are now choosing to repair our own vehicles, especially if an older model which is no longer economical to take to a main dealership or independent garage.

To serve this need, there are several outlets which have almost become high street names due to the ease that any customer can find the part they are looking for and collect it the same day.

Here at Birmingham Auto Break, a breakers yard in Birmingham, we also specialise in sourcing quality used car parts at much lower prices than you could buy the parts for new, giving you a great incentive to come and make use of our services.

There are also several other reasons why you should consider sourcing your car parts from a breakers yard in Birmingham.

1.       Availability for Almost Any Make and Model

We carry an extensive range of parts, and not just for cars that are currently in production. Our customers come back to us time and time again because they know we will be able to help them locate the parts they need for an old classic or a car that went out of production years ago.

We process a large number of vehicles for recycling on a daily basis meaning that are stock levels are constantly being replenished. If you need an obscure car part, we’re likely to have it.

2.       Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Vehicle manufacturing is incredibly resource intensive which not only requires a significant amount of raw materials but also outputs a considerable amount of co2. The whole premise of our business is to reduce this environmental impact by reusing as much of old or damaged vehicles as possible.

When you buy a used car part, you alleviate the need for a new one to be produced, doing your bit for the environment.

3.       High Quality Components

We will of course only sell used parts that have passed a quality assessment. You can be rest assured that any used car part you buy from us can be safely fitted to your vehicle of choice without any issues. We carry engines, gearboxes and suspension components to name but a few.

With the high quality used parts you receive from us, you will never have to buy new again.

4.       A Personalised Service

One thing we do pride ourselves on is retaining customers. We are more than happy to go the extra mile and provide advice as well as the spares you need for your car from our breakers yard in Birmingham. If you have any questions or concerns, a member of a team will be happy to discuss your problem and direct you to the right solution.

5.       You Will Save Money

We saved the best till last. New car parts are not cheap, even when bought from one of the aforementioned specialist chains. A lot of this cost will involve a markup on the base price of the part which you won’t have to worry about with us. Our used car parts are of course cheaper, as we pass the savings on to you.

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Article Written By Birmingham Auto Break

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