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5 Things to Check Before You Scrap Your Car in Birmingham

By Birmingham Auto Break on 12 November 2018

Vehicle recycling is a great way to responsibly dispose of old vehicles you no longer require and have little monetary value or vehicles that are simply no longer economical to repair.

But before you commence the process of car scrapping in Birmingham, there are several things you need to ensure before proceeding to guarantee the process runs as smoothly as possible.

1.       Check the Vehicles Ownership Details

A car scrap yard in Birmingham will only acceptable a vehicle for recycling if you can prove that you are the owner. For this reason, make sure the registered keeper document which is known as the V5C or log book is in your name before contacting your local scrap yard.

You will also require the V5C to notify the DVLA that the car has been recycled so make sure you keep it to hand.

2.       Empty the Car of Your Belongings

It might sound obvious but owners often leave personal possessions in their vehicles which they have forgotten are there. Make sure that you check your glove box as well as every door pocket in your car as well as any other places you might have once stored your belongings.

Scraps cars in Birmingham are often recycled containing a variety of personal items which the owners don’t realise are missing until it’s too late.

3.       Try and Empty the Fuel Tank

If your car can still be driven, it might be a good idea to drive it for the journeys you need to make until the fuel tank is as low as possible. If you have a suitable fuel extractor, another option would be to drain it from the tank.

This isn’t a requirement for any scrap car in Birmingham but fuel is expensive so it might be worth your while in using as much of it as possible before we take possession of your vehicle.

4.       Research your Chosen Breakers Yard in Birmingham

All car breakers in Birmingham and indeed the rest of the UK are required by law to obtain approval as an Authorised Treatment Facility to ensure the safe recycling and disposal of the cars they handle. To ensure that you fulfil your obligations under the law, it is important that you only hand your vehicle over to one of these licenced Birmingham scrap yards.

5.       Scrap Cars for Cash in Birmingham

It is important to remember that only a bank transfer or a cheque are legally compliant methods of payment for the recycling of your vehicle. You should never accept a cash payment as this is breaking the law.

Birmingham Autobreak: Experts in Car Scrap in Birmingham

If you need to find somewhere you can “scrap my car in Birmingham”, our team of experienced breakers will be happy to assist. Simply call us on 0121 333 3366 and we’ll provide you with a quotation. If you’re happy to proceed, we can often collect your vehicle from your location of choice on the same day. You can also visit us at our premises which is located at 3-5 William Henry Street, Birmingham, B7 5ER.

Article written by Birmingham Auto Break

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