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Blown Head Gasket? You Can Still Sell Your Car For A Fair Price

Posted By Birmingham Auto Break on 14/01/2022

The head gasket on your vehicle’s engine is crucial. Without it, your car is going nowhere. The head gasket connects two main parts of an engine: the head and the block. The reaction between your fuel and oxygen is what enables your car to accelerate, otherwise known as combustion. The head gasket seals the combustion sections and is where coolant passes to prevent overheating. Without it an engine can’t run properly. The job of the head gasket is an arduous one, which is why older vehicles will find their head gasket blowing after a lot of miles.

The issue with a blown head gasket is that the engine is not adequately sealed. Issues with compression, acceleration and overheating are all side effects of a blown head gasket. As your engine leaks coolant, it will be unable to regulate its temperature and your vehicle will frequently overheat. If a head gasket is not repaired as soon as any issues arise the damage becomes catastrophic and expensive.

Like most things, a head gasket can be repaired, however, as you can imagine for such a huge engine component it comes with a hefty price tag. If you want to keep your car running after a head gasket is blown it is worth considering how extensive the damage is, the cost of repairs and ultimately the value of the vehicle. Repairs can run into the thousands. Many will find that a blown head gasket renders their vehicle beyond economical repair and worthless. This is not the case.

You can be forgiven for assuming that a blown head gasket means your car is not worth anything since it cannot be driven. In a private sale you are probably right, who would want a vehicle that required that level of repair? The good news is that we would.

Here at Birmingham Autobreak we will collect your vehicle even if the head gasket is blown and we guarantee to give you a fair price on the scrap car. So don’t despair, you can take the cash from your scrap car and put it towards a new vehicle. We service Birmingham and the surrounding areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Brownhills, Tamworth and Walsall, get in touch and we will let you know if we cover your area.

We use every part of a vehicle that can be salvaged and repurposed. Often just because one element is beyond repair doesn’t mean that there are no other valuable parts that can be refurbished and used by another vehicle. This vehicle recycling is not only great for the environment, but also great for your pocket because that car you thought was worthless can actually earn you some cash.

We are experienced and qualified mechanics who have been dealing with scrap cars for many years. You won’t find a more reliable scrap yard in the Midlands. If you have a car that is beyond economical repair with a blown head gasket or other issues get in touch with Birmingham Autobreak. We will arrange a collection and guarantee to pay the agreed amount for your scrap car.

Article Written By Birmingham Auto Break

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